Timetable for different Deparments that changes weekly

Hello Ross,

I am looking for sme ideas on how to build the time table for our Academy. We have different timetables for about 5 departments which changes almost everyweek.

I had al look at the guide and I am knid stuck on whats the best way to do it?


Hi imohamed,

Does your timetable have any sort of repeating structure, or is it entirely ad-hoc? Gibbon let’s you define the structure of a day, using Timetable Columns, then add those days to your timetable using Timetable Days. These timetable days are then associated with a specific date. So, even though many schools use the timetable days for days of the week, you could use these Timetable Days for any of your days that have the same structure.

Otherwise, if your timetable changes too frequently, then the timetable in Gibbon is likely to be too rigid for your needs. Another option is is you use Google single-sign-on, which enables integrating school and personal calendars into the timetable, which would allow you to change the Google calendar events as often as you need.

Hello Sandra,

Thank you so much for your reply.

Sorry, If I didn’t make myself clear.

By different, I mean not repeating same lessons every week but sharing the same days.

Some departments have different timings but same days.

I thought of creating a term for each week, then create 5 timetables and associate them to each of the departments classes.

Does this make sense, or will it work in gibbon?


Hi Islam, it may help to share a visual of your timetable, if you’re able to, since there are many ways to approach constructing a timetable in Gibbon, this may help us give you some suggestions. Thanks!