Timetable font's color

Hello Gibbon group, if i want change timetable font’s color, which file i need go change
i check the timetable and timetable admin folder, but didn’t find the right one.

Hi Kevin,

Changing the font colour is not necessarily going to be easy, and be aware that these types of changes will often get reset when you upgrade Gibbon next. The file you’re looking for is modules/Timetable/moduleFunctions.php (it’s a big one though!). Another option, if you’re familiar with CSS selectors, you can target CSS changes from your theme to change elements in the timetable without changing the code. For example, a selector like #tt .ttPeriod > a { color: #f00 !important; } could enable you to override the font colour.

Thank you Sandra, i will try it . :slight_smile:

oh another question, if i want use the CSS changes, what file i need add the
#tt .ttPeriod > a { color: #f00 !important; } this code
is gibbon/themes/Default/css main.css this one?

Yes, that would work, or if you plan to make lots of changes you could duplicate the Default theme to create your own theme, edit the theme manifest.php file, then add your own changes into that theme.