Time Table

Do we need to create column Every year or we can edit the timings into already created column and use it.
Does it effect into previous year time table or lesson plans?

Hi vishalr,

Columns are designed to be reusable, and so you can use them for multiple years. If you do this, and then change the columns in one year, any other years using the same columns will also see their timings change. Whether this is an issue depends on your view of historical data, and how important its accuracy is.

In terms of the Planner, lessons are stored using date and time, not a reference to the timetable: so, changing timing can cause lessons to be orphaned from the timetable, but they still exist and can be access via Learn > Planner > Lesson Planner.

I tend to create new columns each year, just in case things change, as I do value the consistency of historical data.