Time Table


I have two questions regarding our time table problems below…

1.One of our student’s time table in primary years is not showing most of the subjects that he is taking, from 8 subjects that he is taking, only one that appear in his time table. I also have checked that those classes that he has been assigned for is registered in those period and days.
Is there any other way to checked why the time table does not showing the subjects. I attached here the screen shot of the student’s time table and his class list for your reference.

  1. Our Primary Years time table is having problem in Period 2 rows, it does not showing the Period 2 and the time, you can see it only when you hovering to the Period 2 square. Why does it different than any other Periods? I attached here the screen shot of our student’s Time table in Primary for your reference.

Thank you…

Ayu, this is really odd. Can you please email a dump of your database tables starting with gibbonTT to support@gibbonedu.org so that I can try and dig in to see what is going on? Thanks : ) Ross.