Time Table

Hi Again Ross,

I have just finished creating our time table for 2017-2018, when i go to one of our teacher time table i can not see their next year time table, it says the school closed, which is not true, because in the second screen shot you can see it is not holiday.
I have also tie days to dates from Monday to Friday till term 4 next year just so you know, i am not sure i have missed here.

Thank you so much for your help.

Ayu, to view a timetable in another school year you need to log out of the system, and log into a future year. We use this to control who can see what when, as different roles can have the ability to log into future years revoked. So, we build the timetable and only our leadership team can see it. Then we release it to heads of department, then to teachers and finally to students. Hope this makes sense. Ross.


No, you can access timetables belonging to next year, this year. Start by logging out and logging in to next year:

Then, when you view a timetable, adjust the date forward into next year:

You can restrict access to future years, for certain roles, under Admin > Manage Users > Manage Roles.



Hi Ross,
I wonder what you mean below by log into a future year.
Our Term 4 was sett end on 9 June 2017, and Next school year is set on 1st of August. Is that mean that i can only see the teacher time table on the 1st of August?

Thank you!! I did not know the options button has this year choice…