Time table admin, User Admin System admin Missing under the admin section for Admin user

Hi Team,
I messed up again. When I was setting up permissions I got a server hangup error. And when I login again as administrator I noticed under the admin tab I have only school admin present, System Admin, Time Table admin and User Admin is missing. Is there any way to recover the same. Please help. Many features went missing. How can I fix this.


Hi Paschal,

It sounds like some of your permissions failed to save. Try running the following SQL (via something like phpMyAdmin):

INSERT INTO gibbonPermission(gibbonRoleID, gibbonActionID) VALUES (001, (SELECT gibbonActionID FROM gibbonAction WHERE gibbonAction.name=“Manage Permissions”));`

This will give your Administrator role access to your URL + index.php?q=/modules/User Admin/permission_manage.php`. From there you should be able to add the missing permissions back in.

One way to prevent server hang-ups in the future is to edit one module at a time. To do this, use the filters at the top of the permission page, and select a single module to edit. Then at least only a single module is affected at a time.

Hope this helps!

Thank You Sandra you are an angel in Disguise.
I tried restoring a back up but that made things worse and the only menu showing up was the home menu button. I was almost in tears checking in phpMyadmin to see if anything could be done. But In Vain…

I am so grateful to you. I cannot express how overjoyed I am right now. Thank you once again for your quick reply. Now I need to only set permissions.

I have one small question. When a student views the planner he has the option to see the unit overview. I want to hide the unit overview as the student can have access to smart block which I dont want them to view only until shared and completed. Is there anyway to hide the unit overview.

Can you please start a new discussion with the question regarding planner? :slight_smile: