Theme Creation from scratch

Hi. Gibbon seems to be amazing. I’ve installed it on a  test server for a week and im very satisfied with the ease of installation and other admin options.  

One more thing will make it better and that is a customizable theme. Hope this feature will be added in future but for now if i try to make a new theme based of my schools need then where shall i start? I have checked the default theme, the css could be changed but seems like it will need to touch the modules. Though i haven’t gone through much but is there any guide or  tutorials? 

Any sort of guidance with a detail will be appreciable. 

Tarulahsan, thanks for the very positive feedback on Gibbon: we appreciate it! More theme customisation through the Gibbon interface would be amazing, but we have limited resources, and I am not sure we can focus on this right now. One day perhaps.

However, the good news is that with limited HTML and CSS skills, you can make your own theme, based on the standard theme. To do this, copy the folder /themes/Default and give it a new name (e.g. My Theme). Then edit the manifest.php file in the new theme, and change the name to match the folder name. Finally, install the theme under Admin > System Admin in the main menu, and then Manage Themes in the module menu. You can now customise the image and CSS files to change the theme.

Hope this helps.