Hi Ross. Do we need to set up terms? What is the merit of doing so? Our problem is that our school is divided into three different and distinct schools (primary, MS, HS) each with their own timetable and reporting periods. Terms for one group would not match the others and may end up confusing some people.

Mel, terms are one of the fundamental data structures in Gibbon, as they control when school is on and off. You could use one term that is the length of the year, and then use Special Days to put in term breaks. However, these measures are the same for all parts of the school, not particular years. However, if different parts of school have different timetables, you can use Timetable Days to do some of what you are looking for.

At current I am not sure there is a single solution for what you are doing, beyond having separate Gibbon installs. Reporting periods and TTs would be fine, but different terms is definitely an issue. Interested to hear your thoughts.