Terms in different sections

About terms, what about if primary has different terms than secondary?, how can I specify different terms for different sections?, or is it possible to specify one term only for both sections?


In this case you cannot. You might then want to have 2 Gibbon installs for the different parts of the school. That does bring other issues, however, such as transferring data between sections.

Even better, make your school adopt sensible terms ; )

Sorry there is not a more elegant solution as of now.


This point is priority for us, depending on how gibbon works. Lets say I set one single term the same length as the school year, what about if the school requires grade reports every 3 months to be displayed for parents?, I mean, are the terms “connected” or “synchronized” with deadlines for grade reports?

Gibbon does not do report cards out of the box, you need an additional module for that, such as @andystat Reporting module. I know Andy is available to customise the module (for a fee), so you could do reporting not based around terms. Where else do you think terms might be important?

Yes, I already installed the report module from Andy, he offered me to be customized. Now that I already have the report module, the report will depend on the terms ?

You would have to ask Andy about that, as I am not so familiar with the open source version of his module. Ours, which is an older proprietary module, is not based around terms.

ok, thanks