take class attendance by directly clicking on the class in the timetable

add into the list of options when you click on the class in your timetable the ability to take class attendance directly for the class - a short cut to make it simpler to take class attendance


Sorry for the delay in replying to this: I never go the email notification (spam filter I think), and just saw it in Recent Discussions now.

Another interesting idea, but attendance is currently done via the Planner. I’ve added this to the v14 todo list, as items 2 and 3, with a note to add a new interface for attendance outside the Planner, and a link to it from the class homepage. I will update this thread when the feature is ready.


Actually, I added a per-Class Attendance to our system that’s not attached to a lesson plan, so Brian is possibly referencing a feature non-existing elsewhere in Gibbon :slight_smile: I’m happy to contribute it to v13 along with Brian’s suggested changes if it’s something you think could be useful to other schools.

Yes, please do, that would be awesome! It’s nice to know that you are back and ready to go.