Take Attendance: Why can Class adviser also take attendance on other Class

Good day admin:

My concern is that only the Class Adviser can take attendance done during the first period of the class.

What i noticed is that, the Class adviser of a particular Class, were also able to take attendance of another class.
This is my settings.

Is there a correct way to check/uncheck boxes in Settings so that only the Class Adviser can take attendance of the students in their Class?

Thank you in advance.


What is a class adviser?

Anyway, AFAIK every teacher can take attendance of any class or roll group. The idea is that another teacher can easily fill in if the class teacher is not present.This is working well for us.

Also note that Gibbon keeps a record of who actually took attendance.

Oh, I see :smiley:
Thank you very much @meierrom :smiley:

our Grade level have 7 Classes (we call Section),
One teacher (we call Class adviser) mentors one Class/Section,
a total of 7 Class adviser.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Gosh, education and its terminology. Good we have “string replacements” in Gibbon. :slight_smile:

I think ‘Class advisers’ are also called ‘Roll tutors’, ‘Homeroom teachers’ and even ‘Class teachers’. :slight_smile:

I did make lots of string replacements. Very convenient indeed.

The only term I did not replace is Markbook (which we call Class Record).
I want our teachers to get used with this Term in consideration with its universal use, especially among School Management System programmers.