Symfony 5

once more thank you for the great work.
i was wondering why didn’t you move to symfony 5 or previous releases? if you are working on it could you please put me i touch with the person doing it, I would like to offer my help.
What you are doing is very important and I can only imagine the time and the commitment required to keep going so I am thinking that every little contribution helps
kind regards

Hi Amine, thanks for your very kind words, and offers of help. @ross is the Gibbon Maintainer, and so makes decisions around frameworks and updates. I’ll leave her to feedback to you. In the meantime, we’d be happy to invite you to our Slack channel, if you want to discuss such issues. It’s great to have members such as yourself within our community. Cheers! Ross.

hello @rossdotparker and @ross, im very sorry for the late replay, we are overwhelmed with the current situation.
Please do invite me on slack, you have my email in my profile.
Also I am looking for short internships for my students and i was thinking why not ask them to create your documentation (let me know)

Quite understandable, it has certainly been an overwhelming situation these past weeks and months. I’ve sent a slack invite, it’d be awesome to chat sometime about your student internship idea :smiley: