Switch student to different class

I have created classes (now named groups) but I need to switch students to a different class, cant find anywhere to do this

Hi Chelda, when you’re viewing a class through Course Enrolment by Class, look for the checkboxes along the right-hand side. You can use these along with the bulk action Copy to Class to copy the students to another class. You can also use the bulk-delete or bulk-mark-as-left to then remove them from the original class as needed.

This I understand, however I have a student in a roll group, Which needs to be moved to another roll group
So I moved the student into the other classes, however she is still enrolled in the other roll group. see attachment. I need to change the roll group for this student.

Hi Chelda, Yes, Roll Groups and Classes are different, so my initial instructions were for moving classes. Roll Groups are also known as Form Groups in the UK and Homerooms in the US.

To change a student form group, if you are using v24 go to Admissions > Student Enrolment and edit the student in question to change their Form Group. If your are using a version prior to v24, the same option can be found in Students > Student Enrolment.

Thank you, was a bit confusing, but managed to get it done.