Summary attendance by date

Hi again Ross,

I would like to check our students attendance from Term 1, so then I go to “Attendance summary by date” If you choose “Group By - All Students” from the drop down list it is showing the correct number, but if you change the “Group By - Roll Group” it giving different number even though I have sett the date the same. I attached here the screen shot for your reference. I would like to train the secretary both in our Primary and Secondary Department and I think that would be great if they can check students attendance sort by roll group.

Please let me know your comment and Thank you so much for your help.

Hi Ayu, it looks like you’ve caught a bug of some kind, which we can hopefully track down fairly soon. This report is one of @ross’s contributions, and so for the sake of expediency I’ll see if she can answer this one for you. I know that she is away at the moment, but will be back soon. Sit tight, and we’ll get an answer to you in the coming days.

Hi @ross, if you can’t find time to look into this, let me know and I’ll take a look. Thanks, and I hope you had a great trip : ) Ross.

Hi Ayu,

I’ve checked this out with our school’s data and I’m not seeing the same number mis-match as you, but will test it out by making some fake attendance data to see if I can reproduced the issue. It may help to note that the group-by option is based on how the attendance was taken; either by Roll Group or by Class. With your MYP Demo Student, do you perhaps have attendance entered both by class as well as by roll group? The All Students view is likely a combination of both. Let me know, this may help narrow down my testing.


Thank you for your reply Sandra.
In secondary the students attendance is taking by Class/period and also in the morning in homeroom, while in Primary we only do the attendance once in the morning by homeroom. Is that answering your question?
Which one would you suggest to use , filter by All students or Roll Group.
I mean easier for our staff to check the number by roll group /homeroom, and to use all students is also fine, just thought they should give you the same result and worry if one of the staff member using the filter by “roll group” and having different information.
The number in attendance history page is matching with "all students"not “roll group”.

Thank you for your help

Hi Ayu,

It should be fine to use either attendance or both attendance types at the same time, but I think the difference in numbers you’re seeing is related to the Group By: Roll Group option only showing you the attendance that was specifically taken in the roll group, where as the All Student option show both totals combined. If you were to look at the class attendance for those students it should all add up.