Hi. I need to use the student self registration tool. To use the tool, Gibbon asks you to configure the students’ IP address. What do I do when I don’t know the students’ IP address? they can be anywhere.

I use v24.0.00, PHP Version 8.1.6, MySQL Version 10.4.24

Thanks, Alessandra.

I need students to be able to self-register from anywhere.

Please can someone help me?

Hi Alessandra, my apologies for the wait, it’s been a very busy couple weeks here and the forums are staffed voluntarily in between fulltime jobs.

I haven’t used the student self-registration in a while so I looked at the code to remind myself how it works. It looks like it’s assuming that students will be on campus using school wifi when they register. They can register from outside the school, but only if they are absent. It’s currently programmed so that they must be present on the school to register themselves as present.

Are you able to share your intended use of the self-registration system, and that might help us offer some suggestions or workarounds.

Thanks for the feedback Sandra. I need students to self-register from wherever they are. We will use it for postgraduate courses. (maybe even in another city).


We need the student himself to register his presence on a certain day.

Hi Alessandra, although Gibbon does not do this out of the box, it is possible with a small code tweak to the following two files:


Each of these files has a the following code:

$inRange = false ;
foreach (explode(‘,’, $studentSelfRegistrationIPAddresses) as $ipAddress) {
if (trim($ipAddress) == $realIP)
$inRange = true ;

If these are replaced with:

$inRange = true;

Then I believe it will do what you are looking for.

Please keep in mind that this change will need to be re-made by you each time you update Gibbon.