Student Enrolment, allways assign admin (me) user, to Parent 1?

When People – Students – Application Form –

Parent/Guardian 1
username admin
surname admin
Preferred name administrator
Relationship (select an option)

Allways, what im doing wrong? im admin but no all student Guardian… lol


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Hi Alejandro,

The application form is setup to pre-enter the details for the logged in users, which helps ensure that any Parents or Staff registering their children are attached to the correct accounts & families.

As an admin, to enter a blank application form for a new student you can go to Manage Applications and select the Add button. This gives you the option to enter a blank application, and also to attach it to any other existing user in the system, which helps for any siblings or returning students.

Internet access is not available for all parents, and no much ot then maybe have the skills to fill a form, then my plan at 2019, is the personal administration at secretary, make the fillfull.

Thank you Very much.


all the student input will be via Secretary, then what i can do to make more easyier for Secretary the form fill for parents.

Ingresa por Administración de Usuario > Gestionar Familias y ahi te permite actualizar e ingresar todas las familias. ahora si es un grupo muy grande de familias te recomiento hacerlo por Administracion de Usuario> Importar familias.

es una familia por cada alumno … y son al rededor de 400.

If you’re using the application form to enter your initial students, it will luckily handle creating the users for students, parents and connecting the families. For a new system with 400 students it’s still a lot of data entry, but for the schools I’ve worked with this does tend to be the most efficient way to go.

thanks @ross

I will explain my initial objective.

Implement the control of monthly payments of each student, 1 registration fee and 10 monthly payments.

Since our number of students is not yet determined, the schedule is done in January.

So if you can give me an idea of ​​how I can register students to take financial control of each one.

very thankful.


Gracias @beafranco_co

Te explicare mi objetivo inicial.

Implementar el control de pagos mensuales de cada alumno, 1 inscripcion cuota y 10 mensualidades.

Como nuestra cantidad de alumnos aun no es determinada, el horario se hace en Enero.

Entonces si puedes darme una idea de que forma puedo registrar alumnos para llevar el control financiero de cada uno.

muy agradecido.

i have created a new staff user, called secre, and i have the same problem at Aplication Form allways at 1st parent automatic assign secre user.

any idea?

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Be sure to use the Blank Application option through Students > Manage Applications & click the Add button. This will ensure it does not pre-fill the current user.