Student data self management

Hello everyone,

I would like to give students the ability to update their own data (all of our students are adults; we have a university-level edu institution.) The Data Updater module does not allow me to allow students to be able to update their own personal data.

Being able to set this would free up administration time.

Thank you


Hi fvlasie,

I’ve moved this post to Feature Requests. It looks like this could be added as an additional _my permission level in the Data Updater. It could potentially be useful not only for students but also for other users like Staff (without families) to submit data updates for their info as well.

There’s a lot already in the works for v16 though. Should you feel up to tackling this feature yourself I’d be happy to give some pointers :smiley:

It seems that one is able to request data updates for oneself so, problem solved for now!


Hello, for once we are ahead of the game! We added this a number of years ago for the exact reason that Sandra mentioned, which is to allow staff to update their own data. It works through the Update Personal Data_family permission, which can be assigned to roles of category student. Well, that was easy ; ) Ross.

Elsewhere I have seen this sort of thing referred to as an “instant-turn-around feature request”. :slight_smile: