Store student finance detail

Dear Sirs/Madams,

May I know how i can store students’ finance detail in the student profile? such as the bank account detail, payment method, scholarship detail, etc.

Many thanks,

Hi ChrisC,

In the Finance module you will find that there are some fields for saving payment information. The User Admin > Manage Custom Fields page can be used to add fields for any data you need to add that’s specific to your school’s needs.

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for the advise. I have installed Finance module. However, i can’t find the fields for storing payment information. Is there any manuals that i can refer to? On the other hand, for the custom Fields, would be applicable to add to the Finance module or only applicable to User Profiles?


Hello Admin and all members,

My question rotates around this same topic.
in the invoices_manage_add.php file is there a hack that can allow display of custom field while selecting invoicees to add fee as this would solve some small short term problems.

Thank you.