Staff coverage Uncaught Exception: ArgumentCountError


We have been using Gibbon for a short time now and have to say we love it! we have beeen migrating more and more functions over with little to no issues however we recently tired to use the staff coverage settings, when needing cover i get the following errors

Uncaught Exception: ArgumentCountError - DateTime::format() expects exactly 1 argument, 2 given

Line 207 in \htdocs\gib\src\Services\Format.php
Line 207 in \htdocs\gib\src\Services\Format.php
Line 81 in \htdocs\gib\modules\Staff\coverage_request.php
Line 85 in \htdocs\gib\src\View\View.php
Line 460 in \TestServer\htdocs\gib\src\View\Page.php
Line 702 in \htdocs\gib\index.php

the Tech who managed this project has unfortunalty left and while waiting for a new one to start i was hoping i would be able to get this fixed. Anyway someone would be able to let me know what i can do to fix this.

Thank you in advanced :slight_smile:

Hi KaidenGaunt, great to hear you’re getting up and running with Gibbon :smile:

Thanks for the heads up, it looks like this error was in a section of code that was a fallback for systems that don’t have the PHP Intl extension. I’ve fixed the error in the following commit for v26, it’s a small change so you could patch your system by making the same change to the affected file:

Hello Sandra,

Thank you for you speedy response. i have delpoyed the update to Gibbon and confirm that coverage is now fully working now! Thank you for your help and to dedicating your time to help with a great project!

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