SQL Query Builder license

Can you kindly provide me license for SQL Query Builder.

Shiva, yes, no problem. Email your full name and organisation/school name to support@gibbonedu.org and we will issue you a free license, valid for one year. We generally issue licenses via email, but ask for other support requests to be made to this forum.

I having installed v9.0.00 in my system. Now I can see that 9.1.00 is available. But when I run update from System Admin > System Settings, it is showing “checking for Gibbon Updates”, no result. I have tried it for several time. Kindly help me.

Shiva, that is odd. I just tested this in v9.0.00, and it is working fine, returning the message “Version check successful. Your Gibbon installation is out of date. Please visit the Gibbon download page to download the latest version.”. Perhaps you can use Inspect Element in Firefox, and check the Console tab, and look for any output hinting at the cause of the problem.

At any rate, this feature only tells you if there is an update, and you already know there is. To run the update, you can follow the instructions at: https://gibbonedu.org/support/administrators/updating-gibbon/

Let me know if you encounter any problems updating.

I tried as you said, but there is error. Please see the screenshot in the given link.




OK, looks like this is a Chrome issue, and so I did not see it whilst testing in Firefox. I have now been able to replicate in Chrome, and have found the cause of the issue.

I have fixed the issue, and the fix is actually on our side (as it is a service we host), not on your side. So, without updating anything, if you go back and test again, it should hopefully work for you.



Thanks Ross. It is working fine now.

But in my earlier version i.e. V 9.0 have some customization ( I have changed some field label & changed some display order). Now if i download new version, how to update it ? can you kindly help me.


Shiva, if you have customised the core, the only way to upgrade is to make the customisations again, after the update. Our recommendation is not to customise the core unless you contribute the changes back to our team, so we can integrate for future versions. Even safer is to request us to make changes, which will be released in the next version. Both are more time consuming, but mean that you are not cut off from future development. Gibbon gets new features, fixes and improvements all the time, and getting stuck on v9 would mean you miss out on lots of great things going forward.

If you are going to update and redo your changes, at this point I recommend you wait for v10, which is due out by the end of this month.

Ross, How can I change the date format to dd/mm/yyyy.

The date format for English UK should be dd/mm/yyyy. If you are seeing mm/dd/yyyy in the interface it is most likely that you are using English US. If not, send me the details of where you are having the problem and I will try and help.


Thanks. it is ok now.

Ross, Please explain me the following reports:-

  1. In attendance “Roll Groups Not Registered”
  2. What is difference between Students Not Onsite & Students Not Present



  1. Roll Groups Not Registered tells you which roll groups have not had attendance taken that day. It is useful for seeing which teachers have forgotten to register students, and chase them up to get information up to date. There is also a CLI script that will email offending teachers to remind them to register. See https://gibbonedu.org/support/administrators/command-line-tools for more details.

  2. “Students Not Present” are not in the school’s care, e.g. they are at home sick, or not with school for some other reason. “Students Not Onsite” are attending school, but for some reason are not in the building. Perhaps they are on a field trip. This distinction means that their record shows they were present, but fire evacuation records show they are not on the school premises.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Ross

Dear Ross,

Can you kindly explain me what is Privacy Choices by Student & how it is managed and also Image privacy & how it is set.

Dear Ross

I login from 1032 ( a parent login id)

After that there are 2 tabs i.e. Last Week & Next Week.

When you press these tab, it shows …

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tinymceStyleStripTags() (previously declared in /home/hir/public_html/ezy/ighs.in/gibbon3/functions.php:22) in /home/hir/public_html/ezy/ighs.in/gibbon3/functions.php on line 37


I’d like to keep each forum post dedicated to its original topic. Please can you repost these last two into two new theads, and I will answer them there.