Special Days

Hi Ross. Can we edit the types of special days? If so, how?

Mel, this is not currently supported, but in theory could be. What kind of special days are you looking to include?


PD Days for one…

OK, I think you can manage that by selecting it as a School Closure, and setting the name to PD days. That was the intention when we set it up. The name is what is displayed in the TT, the type is just used behind the scenes to make decisions on how to render the timetable (e.g. starting the day late or ending it early if it is a Timing Change).


Hi Ross, Let me say that I’m in love with Gibbon. The question is can we edit Special Days by adding multiple special days. Like we do with facilities, and also give them different colors so we can see the difference?


Hi Juank,

Thanks for your kind words : ) It brings me great joy to know that you are enjoying using Gibbon.

At the moment the facilities you describe do not exist. Sadly our core team is too busy to take on new feature requests at the moment. With Gibbon being open source you could try and make the change yourself if you’d like, and then commit the changes back to us. Or you could hire a programmer to help with this (we can put you in touch with some people).