Special days are one day before

I already specified “special days” 6 months ago, without mistakes, but today I detected one strange behavior, for example: our independence day is the 15/Sept every year, now I´m watching that date one day before, look at the image, it says 14/Sept:

When I click on “Edit” the date appears correctly 15/Sept:

What should do to fix this problem?, by the way, the same problem with the rest of special days, all of them appear one day before in Home > School Admin > Manage Special Days

Adolfo, I guess this might have something to do with timezones, and perhaps they are being accounted for in one setting, but not another. Please can you check in Admin > System Admin > System Settings and let me know what timezone you are set to? Then check this a few times over a period of 24 hours, and see if there is a point where it is behaving normally. Let us know!

I believe time zone is right, look:

Any other suggestion?

Adolfo, looks like some of the code was respecting the timezone, and some was not. The dates were in fact being saved correctly, but were showing up in the calendar grid one day early. This has been fixed in the following v14 dev commit, which should be backwards compatible with v13 if you want to try it:




Thanks Ross, can you give me instructions?, what should I do with that code?

Download the newly edited file, and use it to replace the equivalent file in your installation. That should be all that is needed.

Ok, there is no any “Download” button, do I have to download it by clicking on BrowseFiles - Modules - SchoolAdmin, then scroll down to look for it, and then right click in the “schoolYearSpecialDay_manage.php” file and finally select “Save Link As” to download it?:

Click on the file, and it will load and then there should be a download button at the top right I think (maybe view as Raw and then use your browser to download?)

Thanks Ross, now my special days are fixed, however my contribution: Seems to be there is no possibility to download a single file from Github, even by using the “Raw” option, so I downloaded the entire platform V.14 and I used FTP to replace the “schoolYearSpecialDay_manage.php”. Thanks

Adolfo, thanks for confirming. Depending on your browser, when you are viewing Raw, you can do File in your main menu and then save the file. Maybe there is another easier way, but that is what I have done in the past.

Ok, thanks I ignored your trick. Next time I will try your suggestion.