Softaculous Demo Not Working ???

I have been trying to enter to the softaculous demo, with the username and password provided, but seems to be something is wrong, after several times I just got this message: Too many failed logins: please reset password.
By the way, I got that message since the first time I tried, I didnt have any typing mistake because I just copied and pasted the info about username and pass.

After 2 hours it is working again !!! :slight_smile:

Adolfo, I think this might have been something to do with a server migration we had going on last night. As traffic around Gibbon has grown we have exhausted our shared server arrangements, and so needed to upgrade. I was not able to give any advance notice as the timing was confirmed in the middle of the night, and by the time I work up the work was done. All services back to normal. Ross.

Again, out of service !!

Adolfo, were the symptoms the same as last time? I just looked and see “Scripts temporarily down”. The issue last time, on rereading, will most likely not have been your failed logins, but someone else’s, within the time before Softaculous resets the data (hourly, I believe). I am going to tweet the Softaculous crew and see what they say.


I am from the Softaculous team.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused with the issue with Gibbon demo.

The issue you mentioned earlier i.e. unable to login should be because the demo is accessible to all and maybe some user changed the login details. However the demo is reset every hour and hence the login details are restored.

Regarding the demo unavailable yesterday it was because we had to make some changes to the server for better performance and had to re-install the OS and the demos on one of the 6 demos server and Gibbon was hosted on this server. The demos server is up and running now and the Gibbon demo is also working fine.

Let us know if you still face the issue.

Good !!!, now is working, thanks.

Hi Ross,
The demo in Softaculous is not working.

It is working right now !!

Upps, this message appears again: Too many failed logins: please reset password.
Even by typing the right username and password

Softaculous demo is now working, however, I would like to see markbooks, markbook weightings, markbook columns…etc, just to have a kind of guide, but there is nothing about these, is the another public demo with more information about markbooks???

Is there another public demo with more information about markbooks???

No, there is not. Ask specific questions in a new thread (or threads, depending on the relationship of the questions to each other) and we will try and help you out. Ross.