Sibling Discount


I am wondering if there is anything we can do to set up an automatic sibling discount for fees if there is more than one student in the same family enrolled?

Thanks in advance!



Thanks for getting in touch. We are getting too close to our v13 release to add this in, but I have put it on our v14 Trello Board under the Feature Requests - Planned section. Hopefully we can get it built into v14 for you, but we can’t make any promises for now.

Until then you could consider using Query Builder, which has a sibling report, and then manually adding a negative value fee for those students who are a sibling.

Hope this helps!


Hi Holly, unfortunately we have not had the resources to implement your requested feature. Our focus for v14, released today, has been on improvements to the back-end of Gibbon to help with the modernization and future development of the codebase. We have added this to the v15 board: