Setup School

Greetings !!

I’ve explored Gibbon with default data installed and found it very useful.
Now I am trying to setup school, I need to know what are the set of steps that needs to be taken to get started to set up each one by one.

Below is what I’ve done like setting up future school year if any, then Year Groups, then Roll groups, departments. I am blank after this. Shall I create time-table first or teacher registration ? and what should I setup after that.

It would be very useful if there’s any documentation is available.

Cheers !!

Welcome to the community!

The support page on the Gibbon site (which you’ve likely already visited) has some info for getting setup for the first time:

After the initial setup of school years and roll/year groups there’s a couple other major points to setup, below is a few points on each (not an exhaustive list):

User Data: (more info on the Getting Started page)
• Setting up the roles and permissions you’ll need
• Creating or importing users (admin, staff, students, parents, etc)
• Adding additional Staff records in the People > Staff page for teachers
• Assigning teachers to the current year’s roll groups
• Creating families and connecting to student/parent users
• Adding Student Enrolment for students in the current school year

• Create courses for different year groups
• Add one or more classes to each course
• Start assigning teachers to the classes they’ll teach
• Add students to classes (can also sometimes make sense to do this after timetabling)

• More info here:

School Admin:
• Look through the settings pages for any modules you plan to use (like Planner, Attendance, Markbook, Behavior, etc.) There’s lots of settings to turn things off/on or setup categories, and it helps to have these established before starting to use these modules.
• If you’re doing online registration, check out the Application Form settings in User Admin

Hope this helps get you started, a lot of the rest of the setup is data entry and checking out all the available tools and settings. If you’re migrating from an existing system with a lot of data in spreadsheet format the Data Admin module on the extend page may be helpful too.

Thanks @skuipers for the details. I will try this steps. Harnish !