Setting up Gibbon in the Kenyan Education System

Hi Admin,
Great work here. Am a PHP developer and API engineer. I wish to understand Gibbon so I can built it an API.

I have scenario as follows:
In Kenya, there is Secondary Education as follows:

It takes 4 years (year 1 - year 4) and has a maximum of 12 subjects
At Year 4, there is a national exam(external exams as per Gibbon)
Year1 - Year 3 – takes internal exams

Each year has 3 terms
Grading is A-E scale where A is best and E is worst. These grades have marks accompanied e.g

a subject called maths has its grade A as any score above 75/100(this varies with the subject).

I wish to set up Gibbon to have students in Year 1 to Year 4, have subjects (there is no course really - but just years), create the grading and scales, create markbook, create exams, enter marks and print report cards. How do i do this ?

Can start by helping me understand Gibbon terms Course, Class, Unit, Form Group, Year Group etc

Many thanks

Hi iotuya05,

These are great questions, and reflect the wide array of naming conventions that schools use around the world. The following Getting Started guide will hopefully help you get going: