Setting up a new installation

Hi all,

OK, let’s assume that I ahve a fresh installation of Gibbon, with one user only - me! :slight_smile:

What is the best way to set things up?

My best guess would be:

  1. Set up school years & terms
  2. Set up school houses (if you use them)
  3. upload all image files for all students & staff into /uploads/ folder
  4. Import all users vis CSV (this, I assume, would be all students, all staff and all parents?)
  5. Sync families by importing family, parent and child CSV
  6. Import enrolment to get students into form classes.
  7. Create timetable and classes.

what next? Did I miss anything?


Yes, that sounds good. Some additional points:

  1. you might want to add Special Days as well: these are public holidays, CPD days, etc.
  2. and 4. yes…currently time consuming, we will try and add an import one day. We do not do Parent photos, but you could. Parents can also add their own photo, which few do in my experience.

One thing is missing is departments, which (as mentioned in another reply to another post from you) are used in assigning unit editing rights for units.

Also, before enrolling students, you will want to add your form groups/roll groups/pastoral care groups, and also check that the list of Year Groups (e.g. Y7, Y8, etc (as opposed to school years, e.g. 2010-11, etc) that come with Gibbon match what you have.

Have you read the Getting Started Guide ( It should give some extra ideas as well.

I have not done this in a while, so I might have forgotten something obvious. Hopefully not!


One more thing to remember is if importing from another school management system make sure staff who are also parents are not duplicated in your import. Eg imported as a teacher with one username and as a parent with a new username.

Excellent, thanks