Setting Homework

Would it be possible to set homework outwith a lesson plan? For example, if a teacher has homework that does not belong to a specific lesson?

@trains5390 Well, one option would be to set a “General Studies” Class and enroll everyone to it and be creating general homework for that. The other would be to disable “Class” as a mandatory field but am not sure if that will make the process more inefficient. perhaps @admin can comment on the second option.

@jmsperu it is more to do with being able to set homework without creating a lesson plan. So homework can be set on the fly, or across the school.

@trains5390 Then I would recommend option of using a general studies class.

@jmsperu Is it possible to set homework without creating a lesson plan? That is my question.

Jack, no it is not possible to do this as homework is part of the lesson planner table in the data base. However, the required fields are light for lesson plans, so it is easy enough for a teacher to create a slot for homework to be recorded with little overhead. Hope this helps. Ross.

@admin OK. Thanks.