Sendmail, Send Mail, Gibbon 14.0

If Home > System Admin > Third Party Settings > SMTP MAIL is set to NO, then Sendmail is used (instead of SMTP). I prefer Sendmail.

Messenger works great when using Sendmail. But if I send an invoice to self (CC), it does not work.

I’ve tried the following PHP versions:


Am I missing something here?

Hi mwallace,

Sounds like it may be caused by a stray $mail->IsSMTP();` call in the invoices_manage_issueProcess.php script on line 212. I’ve put in a PR so it’s fixed for the next release, for now if you remove that line in your system it will restore the default behaviour of using the PHP mail function (using sendmail). There’s a couple other similar lines removed in the PR, you could catch them manually if you’d like or wait for the v15 release which is planned for Jan 20.

Hope this helps!

Hi Sandra, thanks for the PR : ) It’s been merged into the v15 dev branch, and so ready for release on Jan 20th. Now onto some of those other todo items! Ross.