School name missing in homepage cards of admissions and staff appreciation

Hi @admin @ross ,

School name is missing in cards layout of homepage in V20 .

Hi Ghulam, this is odd, as we did not (I believe) change the content, just the presentation. Can you send a screenshot of what you are seeing? You can always change the welcome text under Admin > System Admin > System Settings. Cheers, Ross.

Here is screenshot. There’s no school name in admissions and staff application

Hi ghulamabbas92

We also have the same issue here


Well caught! Somehow that bug slipped past our testing :grimace: I’ve pushed a fix here: which you can apply to your system by copying the updated welcome.twig.html file into your <code class="CodeInline">resources/templates folder and clearing cache in System Admin > System Check (button at the bottom).

Thanks , that fix has worked.