School list?

Hey Ross,

Is there a list of confirmed schools using Gibbon?


A lot of schools (I assume) choose not to give statistics from Gibbon, so I do not know about them directly. I can infer their presence due to support requests, but not sure how many there are.

In terms of those who opt into the statistics, I can’t reveal them in good conscience, as the stats are for our internal use only. However, we have had 700+ installations in 80+ countries. Many of these are for testing, but it shows the level of interest.

But, I can say that we have at least 3 schools in HK, 1 in Italy, 1 in Nigeria and 1 in Japan in production. There are several in India as well that are due to come online soon. Those whose presence I can publicise are ICHK Secondary, ICHK HLY, Kyoto International School.

I hope this helps!