Safely deleting archived reports that were generated as tests

Good day to all. As part of testing Gibbon, I create reporting cycles, scopes, criteria, edit templates, and generate draft reports. Now there are draft reports left over from testing in

Home > Reports > View by Report 

Is there an interface in Gibbon to delete these. If not, what is the recommended way of deleting these.

Hi olivierdevon,

Yes, there is a bulk delete option in the Generate Reports tool. If you go into a particular report, into the individual list of reports, you can change the bulk-action from generate to delete to remove reports:

Hello. Thank you for your response.

Just to be clear, by “test reports” I mean trial reports and not reports on academic tests.

I have been doing exactly what you suggested in your post. However, there are still old test reports remaining when I navigate to a student’s reports

Home > Reports > View by Student > Amedeo Avogadro 

(Note this is a fictitious student so there are no privacy issues)

My hypothesis was that this happens because I have deleted the test reports at

Home > Reports > Manage Reports 

before deleting the generated draft reports at

Home > Reports > Generate Reports > Run > Single

However, the report named

Simulation End of Term 1 Report Forms 1 to 3

is not a deleted report, all of the drafts for that report for Amedeo Avogadro are deleted, but they still show up in the picture above.

Ah, I see. Reports are intentionally not deleted, unless done so manually, to ensure that important data isn’t ever removed from the system by accident. In this case, because it was a test report, you could use the following SQL to clean up the tests:

DELETE FROM gibbonReportArchiveEntry WHERE reportIdentifier = “test_report”;`

This should help clean up the orphaned records.