Dear Sandra, I have one question, the last year left students mark are not available in the previous year data after rollover I do not why?

Hi endale, good question, and there is no simple answer. Different views show different statuses in different ways. Going into the previous year we don’t always want to see all the Left students, as they might have left right at the beginning of the year, and so showing them would be misleading.

If you want to view a single student, you can always use the All Students checkbox in People > Students:

Does this help, or do you want to see multiple students? If so, please let us know the context and we’ll do our best to help.



Dear Admin, I really appreciate your immediate response, I have another question I inserted all data(course, student ,mark …) using import ,when I tried to roll over, failed students also pass to next grade I do know why? Is there any setting to remain student in the previous class if they failed for all courses,
thank you very much

Hi endale, Gibbon does not currently have a feature for automatically holding students back, simply because none of the schools I’ve worked with do this, and so it’s not been built. You could use Query Builder to produce a list of kids that you want to hold back, and then manually select these kids to stay back during rollover.

If you want to do it in advance, go to People > Students > Student Enrolment before the rollover, and jump into next year. Any enrolments you add here (such as one that holds a student back) will be preset in the rollover. This makes the rollover itself much less fiddly.

You are most welcome for the help, and welcome to the Gibbon community : )


Thank you very much!!