Hi everyone.
I have a big problem.
Today i tried to rollover for the new year and something didnt go as i thought it would.
All students did not rollover to the new year instead they all now need to be enrolled again and tell which year.
My timetable did not rollover although i can see last years one.

How can i fix this issue?


You don’t share much information with us. It’s not very easy to understand. Anyway, I suspect that nothing went wrong simply because you didn’t do the rollover :slight_smile:

You are exclusively referring to user/student rollover here, right?

There are a number of things that you need to do before you can actually perform a roll over.

Gibbon does a number of checks and it won’t even allow you to rollover if things are not ready.

Gibbon will always list every single student before actually rolling over. I assume that you didn’t get that far, or did you?

I suggest, simply try again and read the warnings/errors carefully. If there’s something you don’t understand, please ask.

Rollover is a little delicate and backing up your data is very much recommended so you better start with this, if you haven’t done it already.

A common mistake may be that users change the current year manually to the next year before rolling over. In that case Gibbon won’t find students to roll over, right?

Anyway, manual changes of the current year shouldn’t ever be necessarily because Gibbon is doing that automatically when rolling over.

Another thing is timetable data. If you see timetable data after rollover then you likely didn’t do any rollover. The new academic year doesn’t come with timetable data so you shouldn’t have any. Same for courses and classes.

I hope this gives you some pointers. Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, i just reverted back with my back up and will try again the rollover…