Rollover to new school year

Since our school year begins July 1 and ends June 30, I am preparing to change to the 2021-2022 year. As I am setting up courses and classes for the new year, on the Timetable Admin > Manage Courses and Classes page, there is a Copy All to Next Year link just above the list of courses in the old year. I think I would like to copy all the courses, but not the classes. Is this advisable since a few of our courses may not be taught next year, and our projected and past classes might be on different days and/or times or with different teachers? If it is advisable then the second question relates to how to do it. That link copies both courses and classes, and I guess I could delete the classes after copying them and create new ones as needed. Is there a better way?

Thanks in advance. We are running Gibbon V22.0.00

Hi Glenn,

It does indeed copy courses and classes. If the changes from year to year are not too great, you could do this, and then cleanup any courses and classes that are not needed.

The only better way would be to export your courses and classes (there is a Query Builder query called “Courses in the Specified Year” which would be helpful here, and we could extend this to include classes if you have a Value Added License), and then import them under Admin > System Admin > Import From File.



Alternatively you can import a new timetable. This will also create all courses and classes. This is how we do it at the beginning of every new academic year. :wink:

Thanks to Ross and Roman for the options. I’m still waiting on a finalized next year’s class schedule so I can compare it to the previous year with coronavirus schedule changes. My bosses and I will have to decide that one. But thanks very much for the advice!
– Glenn