Rollover Not Working Proprely

Dear Support Team,

when I am performing rollover to upcoming year, first four to five students there is no problem working fine after all students have changed status “Left”. is it technical problem in rollover for more students?

I am following below steps.

  1. Create Upcoming Year
  2. Create Roll group in Upcoming Year
  3. Set to Next Roll Group in Current Year
  4. Rollover Proceed

Hi vishalr, this is not an issue I’ve seen before. How many students are you dealing with? The most I know has worked is 1000, but you should be able to do it with more without any issues.

Can you send us a screenshot (names removed) with some of the students that have worked, and some that have not, all showing on screen?

In addition can you check your max_input_vars value? In Gibbon v21 and above you can check this under Admin > System Admin > Server Info.