Roll Groups

I have setup roll groups to represent cohorts of students as recommended. When I sync student enrolment to add users to roll groups it seems to remove the previous roll group enrolment. Is there a step I am missing?


In our nomenclature, Roll Groups are not cohorts. Cohorts are Year Groups, and these are divided into Roll Groups. Roll Groups could be vertical, with students from a range of Year Groups, but this is not a common use case.

When you sync student enrolment, you should include all students in one go: students not included will be removed. As per the interface text: “The system will remove all enrolments in the current year, and add those provided in the import file.”. That is why the action is called Sync Student Enrolment.


Hi Ross,

The college setting I am setting Gibbon up does not follow a typical schedule. A new class starts approximately every 2 months, and each class takes the same courses, with the program lasting 18 months. You initially suggested using roll groups for these classes (, this would mean that every two months we need to enrol these students into a roll group, right? Am I going in the right direction with this? Or do you have a different suggestion?


Yes, I still think this is correct. The students would be enrolled into the roll group, and this could then be used to quickly assign them to academic courses (see Admin > Timetable Admin) if you wanted to use the planner and timetable. Hope this makes sense.


So with each new roll group, for example, a July group, do I need to do anything special to enroll them into their roll group? I assumed I use sync student enrollment to add students to their roll group, but it sounds like this function automatically remove previous enrollments. Is there a better process to enroll each new group into their roll group? Thank you so much for you help here, it is fantastic.

Cambo, you could use the import, but as you note, it removes those missing from the import. One option would be to grow the import over time, to leave the old cohorts, until they are finished. For v11 I will add an option on the sync to switch from Sync to Import mode, which will make this much easier. No problem for the help ; )



OK, just committed to a v11 dev branch is a choice of mode when importing users and student enrolment, allowing you to choose 1) Sync, which is the same as import in v10 or 2) Import, which does not affect records not included in the import, and so can be used to batch import users and student enrolment.

If you want to take the following three files from the v11 branch (, you should be able to upload them into a v10 install, and enjoy the new features today:

/modules/User Admin/import_users.php
/modules/User Admin/import_families.php
/modules/User Admin/import_studentEnrolment.php



You are a star Ross, that’s great thanks for the follow up.

Hi Ross,

I installed a fresh version 10 of Gibbon without the demo data. Now I created some roll groups but when I clicked the dropdown to select the “Next Roll Group”, the list was empty. Please what’s going on here and how can this be fixed? Thanks.

Update: I have got the problem fixed. Thanks. Cheers!

i really don’t understand what this roll Groups is.
here is the situation of mine.
for example we have Grade 12 and there is multiple faculty in Grade 12,
(1) science,
(2) humanities
(3) business Study
(4) community health
for example science faculty has these subject x,y,z subject
and humanities has A,B,C subject
Business studies consist of D,E,F subject on their curriculum.
so now how can i tied each student to particular faculty, each student can chose from list of faculty and they can pursue that course.
suppose humanity faculty offer A,B,C subject , and science offer different than other. etc
so now what is the best way to configure this.
in my understanding first i need to create courses, for example science offer x,y,z subject.
course name would be " Year 12 X course" “year 12 Y course” " year 12 Z course"
and roll Group = humanities , science, business studies , community health.
so now the question raise how can i assign those courses to particular faculty, so then when the new student want to admission then i can assign him that faculty.

hope to get response soon
my english is really poor please, if my expression are hard to understand, i apologies for it.



it really get me confuse about this roll Groups, it would be better if someone make video tutorial about configuring all the parameter, so, most people would not stuck on how to make things work.

with best Regard


could you please share your experience how did you do it

khadka .


Sorry for replying late. Roll Groups are like the subgroups in Year Groups. For example, if there are 1000 students in a particular year group, your school can subdivide that year group into into manageable subgroups where each will receive lessons and do other things. Now, at the end of the school session, it is expected of the students in a roll group to be promoted to a higher Year Group, i.e. the next Year group. When they get to that new year group, they will still belong to a particular roll group. So, you ought to make sure that you have created the roll group that they will be promoted to in the year group to which they will be promoted.

khadka, hope my explanation is explicit enough.


Gibbon is open source and should be driven by a community. But currently, only a few people are actively involved. They are trying their best; let us all be patient. I will provide a step by step documentation that addresses the needs of most people on the usage of the software.

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that would be Great help for those who have been struggling to figure it out

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