Roll Groups


In my school, our classes work a bit differently. We have three classes (i.e 10B, 10D and 10E) and the teachers would come to the class, not students to the class. This results in more than three teachers for one class.
I hope I’m making sense here. I’m not sure how to setup my roll groups in this case nor my timetables.

Can such a school setup be implemented in Gibbon?

Hello, Gibbon’s Roll Groups (aka Form Groups in UK English) can have up to 3 tutors. However, if you want more flexibility, you can additionally use Courses and Classes under Admin > Timetable Admin, in order to have multiple classes, with unlimited teachers, which you can assign students to. Cheers, Ross.

What about timetables, how would those be created?

Check out the documentation below to get started with timetables:

Gibbon’s timetabling system is designed to be very flexible, and so can be a little complex to wrap your head around.