Roll Groups

In some of our subjects (e.g. Math) we have 2 cohorts in Year 10. I’ve already set up a MAT-10 course, but now I have to set up Roll Groups, MAT-10.1 and MAT-10.2, yes? In another subject (Travel & Tourism) there is only 1 cohort. In addition to already having set up a TVT-10 course, do I now also have to set up the Roll Group TVT-10?

Roll groups (aka Form Groups) are separate from courses and classes. The former are for pastoral care (e.g. taking attendance, tracking behaviour, etc) the latter is for academic classes. So, for example, I might have a student in Year 10 who is in the roll group 10.1, they might then have a range of academic classes, such as SC10.1, MA10.1, EN10.1, etc. Roll Groups are under Admin > School Admin, courses and classes under Admin > Timetable Admin.