RFID enabled ID card (Concept)

It is good to have a feature that facilitate to use strength of RFID technologies. By just enabling ID cards of people with a RFID tag, it will open up a new horizon of next level of automation.

It will help in
1. Automation of Attendance
2. Automation of Behavior Assessment
3. Personnel Tracking
4. Asset and resource management
5. Overall Assessment and Determination of productive hours.
6. and many more

This is certainly an interesting avenue, but for the core of Gibbon I am not sure automation involving RFID fits our vision of what schools should be. I can see the positive potential, but also a lot of scope for making school’s more industrial (and thus less caring), and this is not something I really want to be doing. Just my initial thoughts…not sure how others feel.

Weighing in on this… RFID is simply a way to make things more secure. I am with a small private school that recently was able to put together the budget to put RFID on the front and back door making it just so that we can leave the doors locked and as a parent comes in to drop of their child they have to use a keycard or FOB to get into the building. This increases accountability and security in the building. The system we use has an API so you could potentially connect it up with Gibbon. In fact all you would really need I believe is an extra field attached to a family for the RFID for our needs at least. Perhaps there is an existing RFID framework that could just plugin to Gibbon?