Resources module and read only access to pdf files

Hi Ross,

I need to make available a number of pdf files to teachers and students. The resources module seems ideal for this. However, due to copyright restrictions I need to prevent that those files are downloaded.

How can this be done?

Kind regards,


I don’t believe, given the open nature of the web, that there is any trivial and reliable way to get things to display on the a site, but not be downloadable. You might be able to remove interface options for this, but it can always be done anyway with plugins, Inspect Element, screenshots, etc.

In fact, I would argue that once you view something on a website, it has already been downloaded to your computer! It is just stored behind the scenes, not on your Desktop or in your Downloads.

Sorry, but not sure there is much I can do to help here, such DRM is not an area I really delve into, and it does not sit so well with the open nature of Gibbon.