Resource upload failed if no year group selected

I am having difficulty loading resources, getting the “request failed due to a database error” if I do not select year groups for the item. I am able to upload resources if I select at least one year group, I can then remove that year group and the item persists.

The files are indeed loading into the server (uploads>year>month) despite the error, but they are not accessible if I don’t first assign a year group when creating the resource entry (failing to update the gibbonResource table). The failure still populates entries into gibbonResourceTag.

For several resources, I do not want students to be able to access them, which is why I have not assigned a year group.

Is there a quick fix for this? Perhaps a feature to add in for v25?

v24.0.00, Debian, MySQL 5.6.32

Hi cSanders,

The resources section of the Planner is aimed to provide links for teachers and students to assist their learning. It isn’t necessarily intended to be a private file-sharing system, especially if the files are of a sensitive nature. Are you able to share some more details about how you’re aiming to use the resources? Another option could be the Policies or Info Grid modules from the Extend page, these are geared more for user-specific access for types of files. Hope this helps!

I’ll have a look at the extensions. I think those will better suit our needs. Cheers!