Resource tags

Is there a way to edit or delete tags?

Hello Father, no there is not, at least in the interface, in bulk. You can remove tags from individual resources, and once the count of usage of that tag drops to 0, it should disappear. Or you can go behind the scenes and do it in the database, but this is a little tricky to get right (the design there is not ideal…it was built a long time ago!). Let me know if I can tell you more. Ross.


I’ve uploaded a resource, but I want to delete it - I know than in Gibbon I cant do that, but how about tags? I’m not using this resource (file) anymore, but it has been tagged and tag cloud is still visible in dashboard. What’s more, I’ve changed tags several times and old tags that have been deleted in resource management - are still visible and clickable in dashboard.

So how can I remove those tags?

Have a good day :slight_smile:

Hi Łukasz, unfortunately the resources system is one of the oldest parts of Gibbon and hasn’t been refactored yet, so it can be a little unintuitive. There isn’t a delete option, and I believe once a tag is created the only way to remove it entirely would be to edit the gibbonResourceTag table in the database.

If you’re looking to manage non-lesson-based resources, there are a few modules in the Extend page that may help, such as the Info Grid for sharing important links, and the Policies module for managing access to documents based on role. Hope this helps!