Reset Overall House Points to Zero

I am working on the rollover and want to reset overall house points to zero, how can I do this? After the rollover, individual points have reset to zero but the overall points remain from last year.

Good question, I don’t think it’s a built-in option right now. The original module was created by Andy Statham, however I am currently maintaining a fork to continue updating this module to work with the current Gibbon version since my school requires it. I’ll see if I can add an archive feature to the overall points since my school will need this option as well. I’ll update this thread when/if I’m able to add this feature.

Thank you Sandra. I will check with Andy himself, there must be a value to change in the PHP if nothing else.

Hi Sandra, did you get the house points reset feature working on your version?

Yes, the latest version v1.3.02 on my fork has been updated to display points by school year. No need to reset them manually, as they’re already tagged by school year, so it now displays the relevant total per year. Give a shout if you have any issues updating your module.

Hi Sandra, have you checked with @andystat to see if he would be happy to use this as the official repo, as I don’t believe he is using GitHub yet? Would be great to have all the changes rolled out as the main version. Cheers, Ross.

Good point, I’ll ask.