"Request failed due to a database error"

Hi Admins !

Everyone (including Admin) are getting this error when we try to do add Lesson Plans or take attendance etc:
“Your request failed due to a database error.”

Please advise

Hi flygye12, which version of Gibbon are you using, and have you made any updates recently, or recently imported any data? These database errors, if occurring in multiple locations, could indicate some inconsistencies in the database (eg: duplicate records for things that are meant to be unique) or if an update was recently performed but not completed on the database side, then the actions may be failing because the database fields or tables have changed.

Be sure to also check your PHP error logs to see if there’s something in there that looks like it may be related. As of v21, you can find the location of your error logs at the top of the System Admin > Server Info page.

Hi Sandra

(i) I am still on v20. Will be updating to v21 once the school breaks for summers.
(ii) I haven’t done anything since the rollover I did at the start of the session, more than a month back. Everything has been running smoothly ever since.
(iii) The Error log in my public_html folder has last entry in November.

I have uploaded the lesson plan yesterday only. I don’t know what happened today.

Hi Sandra !

I have no idea what happened but it has started working again. Thanks for the response.