Reports Module Issue with Attendance Template

Thanks to new reporting module that enable us to easily generate Result Reports. With the help of documentation ans support from forum We successfully configured reports module.
We added attendance template which is not showing attendance as it only shows days absent 0 . We only have one term which spans whole year. So, how to fix it.

Also please tell there is a scope of enrollment in addition to reporting cycle what does it mean and how we can use it.

Thanking in advance.

Hi Ghulam,

I found and fixed a bug in the Attendance data source :grimace: the fix is already part of the v20 development branch, and you can apply it back to your system by copying the file here into your install:

The enrolment scope can be used for reports that are not tied to a specific reporting cycle, such as an end of year report or transcript. This is an area I hope to expand more in v20 and add more transcript-specific templates.


Respected and Distinguished @ross ,
Thanks for the quick fix. I applied it but still it is showing as term 1 attendance Absent 0 Late 0

Respected @ross could you please update me regarding this post


Respected and Distinguished @ross ,
I applied the fix but still it is showing as term 1 attendance Absent 0 Late 0

Could you look into it. Thanks!

Hi Ghulam, thanks for your follow-up. Sure, I’ve added this to my to-do list and I’ll aim to take a look at it in the next few days.

Oops, turns out this was an oversight on my part, the script was hard-coded with some attendance codes that were specific to by school :grimace: I’ve updated the script and also tweaked it to apply the countClassAsSchool setting when counting attendance. You can see the changes here in the AttendanceByCycle.php file: You can copy the whole file into your own install in modules/Reports/src/Sources and it should work now. Thanks!

Thanks for update . But it still showing same Term 1 Attendance 0 0

In our school We have only one term span over year 01-04 to 31-03

I am facing this issue on Version 25th
any solution for it?
I made sure the reporting cycle is starting on first of Jan, ending on the end of April
but still it is showing zeros in the attendance section in the report.
our attendance is taken by course not by form group, can that be a factor?

Hi Aziz, do you have the countClassAsSchool setting on or off in your system? Also, can you check to see if the report where this is happening has a Go Live date set? This date is used internally, so even if there is a start date and end date for the Reporting Cycle, if the Report itself has no date, it could result in seeing 0 values.

Hi @sandra thanks for the reply
it turned out I had my reporting cycle sittings not done properly, the report was showing data from old reporting cycles, once I tuned the cycle number and total cycles the report worked like a charm.

Yes I had countClassAsSchool, it wasn’t the issue.

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