Reports Module Issue on Duplicating and Editing the Templates

Respected @ross ,

We are using the latest version of Gibbon on Godaddy Shared hosting and also tested on Hostinger. Everything is working smoothly except reports

1- When we duplicate an asset from already available templates and edit it, all the indentation of twig is removed and all the code starts from beginning of lines instead of indented code.

2- Also when we edit the code, save it and preview it , it shows blank screen popup instead of preview. when we use it in reports it also does not work.

as this is the time we need the reports module badly but its the issue due to which we are struck.

Shared hosting has PHP versions 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1 and MySQL 5.7 only. (I tried all combinations)

On Localhost LAMP or XAMP no such issue is found but on live production site this is the big hurdle for me.

I also tried different file permissions for uploads folder but all in vein there is no issue in server.

Please look into the matter or give us some way out.

Best Regards,
Ghulam Abbas

Hi Ghulam, this does sound frustrating, and it sounds like you’ve tried many of the troubleshooting steps we’d recommend. At this point, if you’re able to send login access to, then I can try to login and have a look. It certainly sounds like there is something strange going on, perhaps a security setting in the shared hosting that is blocking a certain type of file.

Respected @ross ,
I have sent you Access/Login Information of Gibbon and also Shared Hosting via email on so you can better understand the issue and resolve it for wider community.

Many thanks for the greatness.

Best regards,
Ghulam Abbas


Hi Ghulam, I haven’t seen any emails to support recently from you, are you able to double-check and perhaps send again? It should be

@admin Have you noticed any emails from Ghulam recently? Maybe I missed it.

Respected @ross , I have sent you credentials again on May 20, 2022 07:37 AM Pakistan Standard Time.

I have checked the emails . Previous email was sent on 13 May 2022.

Best Regards,
Ghulam Abbas

Screen shot of email

Previous email screen shot

Respected @ross
PL take a look into this thread.

Hi @ross ,
Finally I have spotted the issue. This issue was not in Gibbon and also not in shared hosting server rather the issue was cloud flare. When the site is registered with cloudflare the reports module templates behave inconsistently and after I removed my site from cloudflare it worked as intended

Hi Ghulam, great to hear you found a solution! Thanks for sharing it here, hopefully if anyone runs into anything similar in the future this thread can help them solve the problem.