Reports Module Help (Report-Courses)

Respected @ross ,
Many many congratulation on releasing V19. and thumbs up for reports module. I read the docs for reports. and it is somewhat cleared its functionality. But I need a little more help regarding it. as I inserted report-courses in template . when it is generated for 8 courses it covers whole page. and no space left for signature and commulative. as image below

But if it could be in vertical tabular form . it can save paper as
Course name Tutor Obtained Marks Total Marks

Please guide me how I can achieve this.


Hi Ghulam,

The templates included by default are a starting point. Schools have many different ways of displaying data on their reports, so the default templates will not cover every situation. They are however designed to be customized with basic HTML knowledge. I’m working on more docs regarding how to edit and customize templates, however for now if you go into Template Builder Manage Assets, you can duplicate the “Report - Courses” component and edit the HTML structure to adjust it into a different shape of table. If you look at some of the other templates as an example, eg: the External Assessment component, this may give you a reference of a more compact table. Hope this helps!

Hi Ghulam, we’d be happy to offer commercial support for this via, in order to put together templates that meet your needs. Cheers, Ross.

Respected @ross ,
I have inserted external assessment module but now where to enter data.