Reports: Importing criteria names only.

I have a long list of Criteria names (50 items per class). There does not appear to be a way of importing just the criteria ahead of importing the criteria values. And I do not want to type them in one by one.
Do I have to use a SQL script? What would that look like?

@ross @rossdotparker

Hi Tieku, you could use an SQL statement, but better would most likely be to create your own YML import file, which you can place in /resources/imports. I would start by copying a simple import, such as houses.yml, and build from that as a template. If you get something working we could include it in v22, if you get stuck, share the file here and we’ll help you out. Cheers, Ross.

I posted this a while ago and would like to get some help making this a reality :slight_smile:
If someone can create the YML import file.

Hi Tieku, we are pretty busy at the moment I’m afraid! Did you see my advice on using houses.yml as a starting point? Remember there is a unit on this in the Gibbon Certification, which you can return to. Email me if you get stuck!

Will do. Thanks Ross