Reporting Proprietary Module vs Assessment Module

Hi Ross
I wolud like to know which is the main difference between the assesment module and the reporting proprietary module in gibbon, my school is asking me for a “grades” module, so I need to clarify my mind about the difference between them, so I can give my school the right information

Hi the Markbook module stores grades from assessments and homework for subjects. The reporting module allows you to produce customised school reports spanning every subject the student takes. It is possible to have the reporting module pick assessment data from the Markbook to produce the school report.


  1. So you mean the reporting module is required to create custumized reports?, are there alternatives to create custom reports?
  2. Also, I´m assuming students and parents can have permissions to “view” final grades in the assessment module, am I right?
  1. Yes the reporting module allows you to create customised school reports. You might need to write some code to get printable report. All grades that are set up as visible to parents online will be shown online.
    2.Yes parents and students can view the Markbook each column can be set to be visible to them

Thanks George, is there any other alternative to create reports based on the assessment module?, the problem is that our school doesnt want to spend money if an alternative exists.

Hi there, I´m still waiting for the answer, thanks

Sorry I think you need Ross to answer this. It is possible but I think you might have to write your own code.

Adolfo, you could, in theory, create reports by pulling data from the Markbook into a spreadsheet, and then mail merging in a word processor. I don’t know of anyone doing it, but it has been proposed as one approach. What do you think?

After one year my answer.
Yes, schools need an open source report module urgently !!!.
I´m confused because in the webpage says the Reporting Module from Rapid36 is open source, but in the same webpage below and under the open source Reporting Module says this module is proprietary !!!

Adolfo, @andystat (CEO of Rapid36) generously made aspects of his proprietary module open source, so there is now the open source solution you seek. It can be customised for you, which takes you to the proprietary aspect. I will clarify this on the website, as I can see it is now confusing.

Ok, good !!!